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Sourasky Medical Centre
Tel Aviv

Working alongside Shimeba. A startup specialising in indoor navigation in public spaces. Designing a way finding - real time navigation app. A user can search for a destination or a ward. After the current location is determined the user is escorted step by step to the destination. 

UI design was following the medical centre's corporate colours. Level maps were based on architectural drawing simplified while maintaining a clear and friendly appearance.


Stage 2 of this project developed into interactive Kiosks positioned in key locations. Here too, simplified birds-eye view of the maps. Visitors search for a destination, presented with a visual route on a map together with a set of step by step  instructions. An option to receive instructions on a mobile is also available.


UI and floor mapping design.

download from:

1iPhone 6Home_c2 Copy_2x_2x.png
2iPhone 6 search_c2_2x_2x.png


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